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'Pricetag' received most votes and will be produced for CinemAsia FilmLAB 2017

THANK YOU for voting your favourite filmproject! This is the first time that the audience selected 1 of the 3 film projects that will be produced in CinemAsia FilmLAB 2017. We received 2223 votes in total. And the most votes went to "PRICETAG" by Myrthe Nymph Wai! 683 people have voted for her filmpitch. Myrthe (18) is from The Hague and has a Chinese background. Currently she is a freshman ‘Film and Audiovisual Media’ student at the Dutch Filmers Academy in Hilversum.

PRICETAG is about the 29-year- old Jeffrey Chen, who works as a shop assistant in a Chinese supermarket. One thing he has learned at the store is ‘everything has a price’. His childhood sweetheart is the 27-year- old Annie Lin. She comes from a traditional, wealthy Chinese family with strict parents. Annie and Jeffrey are already about two years engaged, but Jeffrey did not have enough money to meet the demands of his parents-in- law


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