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Renowned in the film industry, Nymph made her mark at the age of 15 with her film synopsis being selected for the prestigious CinemAsia Filmfestival FilmLAB in 2014, becoming the youngest participant in its history. Notably, her film pitch in 2016 captured hearts, earning the highest votes at the CinemAsia Filmfestival FilmLAB in 2017. Her cinematic debut, "Pricetag", premiered in 2017 to critical acclaim, garnering nominations and winning awards worldwide, including 'Best Drama Short' at the Genre Celebration Festival in China and 'Best First Time Director' at the European Cinematography Awards in Poland. Nymph has lent her talents to various projects, showcasing her versatility for CinemAsia Filmfestival, Algemeen Dagblad, PACT+, Kunstbende, NILS, and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.


Under the guidance of guru Poernima Gobardhan, Nymph is a dedicated Bharatanatyam dancer and student training for her Arangetram (debut) scheduled for 2027.


Nymph is available for bookings as a singer, accompanied by guitar, for small events and intimate gatherings. 


Beside film and dance, Nymph continues to be active in other arts such as writing, poetry and photography. 

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