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PRESENT (2021-)

After years of dancing and performing, Nymph embarked on a new dance journey, diving into Bharatanatyam, the oldest classical Indian dance form originated from Tamil Nadu, South India (200 B.C.E. to 200 C.E.). Her desire to express emotions through motion picture, visuals, and music led her to dedicate her body and mind to become an instrument of dance and rhythm. Bharatanatyam is a dance form incorporating Nritya, a combination of Nritta (pure abstract technical dance) and Natya (expressive and narrative dance). The technical aspect of Nritta perfectly suits Nymph's disciplined nature, enhancing her commitment to mastering this intricate art form, while Natya resonates with her deep desire to express emotions, tell stories and move an audience (Abhinaya).


Guided by Guru Poernima Gobardhan (4th gen) and following the Kancheepuram Ellappa Pillai Bani Tanjore style formed by the famed Bharatanatyam Guru Sri Ellappa Pillai (1920-1980), Nymph dedicates herself to mastering and keeping this traditional dance form alive and to become a 5th generation dancer of this Bani in The Netherlands.

Her Arangetram, marking her formal debut as a classical dancer in Bharatanatyam, is eagerly anticipated and scheduled to take place in 2027.

Follow Nymph's dance journey on her Youtube channel and blog

More about Bharatanatyam and Kancheepuram Bani

Muni, B. (1961). The Nāṭyasāstra: A Treatise on Ancient Indian Dramaturgy and

Histrionics, Ascribed to Bharata Muni. (PDF)

Rao, B. S. (2018). Growth of Bharatanatyam during the Anti-Nautch

movement of colonial era, through the famous gurus & their banis. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, 23(5), 43–51.

BOLLYWOOD (2018-2023)

In the years before practicing Bharatanatyam, Nymph was active as a core dancer and choreographer at Bollywood dance and performance group Shiraj Entertainment, based in The Netherlands. Under the leadership of creative visionaries Shanti Bholasingh and Toelsie Bholasingh, Nymph contributed her talents to creating memorable performances and captivating audiences.

Past performances

  • 2022 Hindoestaanse Vereniging Laakkwartier - Divali celebration

  • 2022 Jagdish, Utrecht - Wedding

  • 2021 Ministerie van Defensie, The Hague - Divali celebration

  • 2020 De Koning, Amsterdam - Wedding

  • 2020 De Diamant, Amsterdam - Wedding

  • 2019 Hindoestaanse Vereniging Laakkwartier - Divali celebration

  • 2018 Eclips VIP Lounge, Brussels - Imran Khan Live on Stage

  • 2018 Zuiderstrandtheater, , The Hague - Lights of Divali Musical

  • 2018 Broodfabriek, Rijswijk - 145 jaar Hindoestaanse Immigratie 

  • 2018 AFAS Circustheater, The Hague - Zeenat Aman, the Easter Holiday Show

  • 2018 In de Boogaard, Rijswijk - Opening Sari Nagar

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