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Press release: CinemAsia On Tour KINO Rotterdam

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May 2017, Gouvernestraat 129-133, Rotterdam

After celebrating the 10th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam, the pan-Asian film festival will visit KINO in Rotterdam on 6 and 7 May. This weekend, CinemAsia will mainly present a special selection from contemporary Asian cinema, including feature films from Indonesia, India, China, Korea, Japan and the Philippines. In addition, attention is paid to stories about the Dutch-Asian identity of young, home-grown filmmakers. In addition to the film offering, the Rotterdam audience can also enjoy delicious Asian snacks. For film lovers, KINO is the 'Asian place to be' on the weekend of May 6 and 7 with CinemAsia's varied Asian film program. The following films become visible:

CinemAsia FilmLAB shorts (Netherlands, 2017) | Saturday, May 6, 3:00 PM In the afternoon, the program starts with the screening of three short films about the Asian diaspora by young filmmakers, produced in CinemAsia's own FilmLAB. The three filmmakers will be present for Q&A after the film:

  • PRICE TAG from Myrthe Nymph Wai from The Hague: Jeffrey Chen (29) works as a store employee in a Chinese supermarket. One thing he learned there: everything has a price. His childhood sweetheart Annie Lin (27) comes from a traditional, prosperous Chinese family with strict parents. They have been engaged for two years, but Jeffrey does not have enough money to meet her parents' demands.

  • LOVE by the Rotterdam Enang Wattimena: documentary about the family story of the main character. He remembers a mysterious family photo of his ancestors, a good Indian family in the Dutch East Indies. This also includes examples of his great-great-grandmother, a woman from Aceh. Then it turns out that his great-great-grandmother has been cut from the original photo. The photo raises many questions: this is the beginning of a search for the many faces of love.

  • DINNER TIME (world premiere) by Josscy Vallaza Aartsen: the Indian Ricky (10) and the Dutch Emma (10) play together in the living room at Emma's home. They have a lot of fun and forget the time. But when Emma's mother calls for dinner, they know what time it is. DINNER TIME.


CinemAsia is a film festival that gives the Dutch audience and the Dutch film industry a broad view of contemporary Asian cinema with both new films that are popular in Asia and films with a strong artistic vision. In addition to culture and entertainment, it also offers a platform for Asian media makers.


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