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AT5 - Many ‘ordinary’ Asians at the CinemAsia film festival

Asians in films that do not speak Dutch poorly or do kung fu, they really exist. CinemAsia film festival  tries to break stereotypes about Asians in the media. They do this, for example, by showing lesser-known Asian films in the cinema.

But at the festival there is also room for Dutch films with Asian protagonists. Pricetag, is such a movie. The production of the 18-year-old Myrthe Nymph Wai was made especially for the festival and tells the story of the Chinese-Dutch Jeff, who has problems with the parents of his fiancé because he has a low-paid job in a supermarket.

Wai gathered inspiration from her own experiences for the story. ‘We live in a multicultural society, but we also live individually. To create unity you have to hear all the stories.‘

Asians in Western films are often rather stereotyped, according to visitors to the festival. ‘If they are already cast, it is often the role of’ Asian ‘. You never hear stories of people with an Asian background who grew up here. “

Media scientist Reza Kartosen-Wong conducted research among young Asians in the Netherlands. Many told him that they do not recognise themselves in Dutch film and TV, because there are simply no or hardly any Asians in them. ‘They are often disturbed about how Asians are shown in the Dutch media. Think of Mr. Cheung of Ik Hou van Holland, they think that is a terrible caricature. That can cause them to turn away from Dutch culture.


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